Time to Start Preparing for Halloween

by John Morgan

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close, which means it is time to start thinking about and preparing for Halloween! Already, my kids are scanning the vacant strip mall stores for seasonal Halloween shops, expressing their disappointment if a new retailer moved into one of the seasonal Halloween stores former locations. Some retailers are beginning to display their fall and Halloween collections. These are the days to start fleshing out possible costumes ideas and developing themes for your Halloween home decor.

Whether you like it or not, we also must prepare for an infestation of Vampire’s and Zombies this Halloween. The undead will be walking the earth in mass this Halloween season. No doubt, creative teens will be cleverly brainstorming ideas on how to use the recent Twilight Saga star couple’s breakup to enhance their own Halloween fun.  It’s also not hard to forecast that the continued success of comic book hero themed movies will make the legions of superheroes and their disrespected arch-villain popular as well.  Since it’s an election year, we are likely to see quite a few politicians hitting the Halloween circuit this fall, as they make their last-minute efforts to round-up a few key swing votes amongst the undead and the superhero power elite.

For many of us, nothing beats a good topical costume. My limited gray matter always fires its creative engine up when I notice famous people behaving strangely. For example: how about incorporating Prince Harry and the iconic Las Vegas Strip Sign for a costume? Better yet, why not have a very unimpressed McKayla Maroney accompanying the young prince (sorry your majesty, take heart at least your hair is gold). The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. I have a nephew who turned himself into a working vending machine last Halloween, so that should give you some idea on how far you can go.

Most of us are on pretty tight budgets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative solutions to maximize your limited discretionary boo dollars. In times of plenty or in times of hardship, my family enjoys scouring through our home, hunting garage sales, visiting thrift stores, rummaging through rummage sales, and jumping all over flea markets to find something to make their costumes or decorate our haunted suburban tract home.

No matter how you plan to prepare for the Halloween season, realize that the acorns are falling and there’s even a hint of coolness in the night wind, so now is the time to take action to ensure a stress free Halloween.


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